Buying local from my computer

=> Support local businesses
=> keep those internet shopping habits
=> Stop feeding those Global companies

This “Buy Local” topic will come time and time again over the year! We see many initiatives around us supporting this trend: “Made in France”, Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA farms), local markets, complementary local currencies… There are more and more ways to connect to our neighborhood economy.


Why is this so important? Well, in a single concept, you’re both vouching for a “positive” economy, and helping the planet! By buying local, we stop giving our money to global companies who pay their employees mere breadcrumbs without even paying due taxes. And we also reduce distances that goods must travel, in France and across the world. Double win!


Maybe you’ll tell me that for this to happen, you have to go outside, meet people, and not forget your umbrella because, yes, it does rain in France. ​Right, and wrong. Of course, it’s much more fun to go ask your local bookshop for bookworm tips instead of reading the opinions of people you don’t even know on the internet. But when you’re pressed with time, or are a bit lazy, it’s still easy to purchase local even from your couch.


These miracle solutions are called “Le même en mieux (Same-same, but better, in English)”, or “Amazon Killer”. These are two browser extensions that easily guide you back on the right trail just as you were going to fulfill your desires through anonymous others (a typical Amazon book purchase, of course). Let me share that I learned that the book giant’s employees, per capita, develop a sales volume equivalent to that of 16 local bookshops. And this poor book giant employee only gets a 2-minute toilet break every 2 hours, and is definitely not paid 16 times minimum wage… well, you get the picture.


For the hardier among you, grab that raincoat and drop by the closest “real” bookshop nearest your home, ask the sales persons there how they’re doing, and it may well be you’ll never turn back…