First steps on my quest for purpose

=> Find what inspires you
=> Find news on important topics in a positive and dynamic manner
=> Discover that others are on the same quest at our side


True, over the coming year, I’ll especially be dealing with the “How” questions. But it would be a bit measly to talk about how to do things without sharing about why we must make things change.


Why? Not an easy question to ask because there are probably as many correct answers as there are people out there asking this very question. However, there must be a few ways to help us help each other on this quest.

I feel that a paramount topic is to learn all life long. Usually we tend to think that once our diploma is framed on our wall, we must focus on work (occasionally learning a few useful things to that end along the way, admittedly). ​


But how are we to keep growing as persons, family members, friends, citizens, and more? I wanted to talk to you about a documentary film that has helped me a lot in my quest to learn why to change the world at my scale.

Truly, even until recent times, it was always difficult to find happy and uplifting news when you talked about changing society. The world is in trouble, the environment is degraded, the economy is ​collapsing, such topics are spoken about in words that raise the bristles at the back of our neck. So the last thing we want to deal with are precisely these topics. But recently, here and there, initiatives have sprouted that change the way things are framed and invite more and more people to join the cause.


“A quest for meaning” is one of these inspiring documentary films. One walks in the footsteps of a Frenchman working in New York who decides on the spur of the moment to change his life and roam the world. He wants to be inspired by persons who have already found their answers. Changing the world is possible, and some have already started. ​Up to us now to find our own “why” and the inspiration that comes from it, so that we can stand strong along the long and winding path ahead.