I always have a mug with me

→ I stop using plastic cups.

→ I reduce daily waste.



The more I dig into this, the more I realize that plastic has been responsible for a radical shift in our consumer society. Before this fabulous invention, there were more metal cups, bottles were made out of glass and managed with deposits, house items were made of wood… then came plastic and a new deal was dealt out.


With plastic, everything is cheaper, easier to produce, there are a gazillion shapes and colors and most of all, everything is thrown away. It is so cheap that it would be crazy to not take advantage of it, and in very few years, the economy has mutated into a system where everything is disposable.


Now, a few decades later, we realize it was a huge load of h0#5€&µ!t and it’s a good thing we’re aware of it now. Learning from our mistakes, that’s the definition of intelligence in my dictionary. So I submit this idea to you immediately with a token move: say good-bye to disposable plastic cups!


They are everywhere: during parties where washing the dishes is impractical, they’re spit out by the morning coffee machine at work, at the doctor’s office, and more. All that is used for a couple minutes only and is then thrown away.


Don’t panic, I’ve got the solution. Here’s when I’m proud of my mountain-filled youth in the Grenoble area, as well as my long travels across the world that instilled in me many eco-friendly moves. When hiking outdoors, I always have a water bottle with me (I’ve mentioned this before), but also a simple mug or cup is part of my attire as well. And I’ve kept that habit to this day!


 I always carry a collapsing class that I use rather often, and this reduces the waste I produce every day. Like those reusable plastic glasses that are used in festivals. Why not just keep one for yourself next time and use again and again after that? Easy, no?