I always keep a water bottle on me

→ I save money by drinking tap water

→ I reduce daily waste by avoiding plastic bottles and cups



Plastic, plastic, and more plastic. If there is one commodity that really makes us use a lot of plastic, it’s water. I remember seeing the family trash can filled with empty bottles at the end of the week, and wondering how this could still be going on today! And claiming that plastic is recycled anyway doesn’t make it “good trash”. The only good trash is the trash that is avoided in the first place, that’s all!


Businesses are really talented at making us buy water in bottles! There’s sparkling water, baby bottle water, scented water, small bottles, big jugs, jogging bottles with special caps, and more: all designed to just end up in the trash!


Perhaps it’s because I come from the Grenoble mountainous area: it has always been a habit for me to go around with my own water bottle, and I never have needed anything other than that most amazing of human inventions: a faucet!


One empty 1.5 liter bottle weighs around 40 grams. If one drinks one bottle a day, at the end of the year that is 14 kg of plastic, wasted just to drink water. No need to multiply that by as many French citizens to raise awareness about how astonishing this quantity is?


An added advantage of a stainless steel water bottle is that you don’t ingest plastic micro-particles that leach into the water, or any other chemical product that would contaminate your precious mountain water that has traveled hundreds of kilometers to reach you…


So only one more thing to tell you: it’s a small water bottle for a man, but great savings for mankind!