I change the world in 2 hours

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I realize that the changemaker trend is happening

→ I fight for a cause



If I started “It all starts with me”, it’s because it was a great way for me to challenge all my acts – and also because I felt that the topic was trending more and more.


Over the past couple months, I’ve seen initiatives arise here and there, carried by persons who try to get things moving at their own scale. These projects are varied in nature (documentary films, books, reports, advice and tips, articles, blogs, testimonials…) and they all connect in that they exist and give depth to a trend that really needs it.


It isn’t as if it was a competitive market! There are almost as many ways to get things moving across the world, as there are people to start them. From my point of view, I can’t stop counting these initiatives and try to live up to them, inspired by all these people who, like me, had that crazy idea to try and change the world.


These days, the book “Changing the world in 2 hours” has me all wrapped up. I find it the showcase example of this trend that wants to show that getting involved in society and being a changemaker is really easy and open to all who wish to give it a try.


You might feel that I’m pushing things a bit too far, but I simply want to show where the ends of the string is for people to start unraveling the bundle, since some people don’t quite know where to start at. It can be picking up a piece of stray trash, or preparing a soup with veggies saved from the trash, there’s an entry point for each of us!


That is what appealed to me in this book, because even if it is dedicated to Social Enterprise, it blasts old stereotypes and shows that changing the world is an easy thing to do! So yet again another inspirational book for you, filling up the energy levels for us to keep on going on the winding road of change.