I clean everything with white vinegar

→ I use natural products instead of chemical products

→ I reduce wrappings and containers in my trash

→ I rediscover the good old ways



More proof that adopting practices that respect the environment helps save money at the same time. I give you… white vinegar!


My mom is walking advertisement for this miracle product, and golly is the house clean, so I thought, why not me? White vinegar is pretty convenient after all. Yup, only one bottle for all the kinds of stains instead of having 5 different one (one for kitchen tops, one for the sink, toilets, windows, pipes… you get the message).


My trash can is the happy one. It seems that it’s even possible to find this precious liquid packaged in huge jugs, which can reduce even further the amount of plastic thrown away. Additionally, it’s completely natural, so no chemical products are thrown down the drain, the planet says “thanks”!


For now, I use it mixed with a little hot water to clean the bathtub, windows, sink, faucets and toilet bowl. The smell that lingers for a couple hours can be disturbing, so it’s possible to add essential oils, but I personally have grown to like that smell… reminds me of home.


Still one more step to go, using it as fabric conditionner. They say it’s even great to relieve mosquito itch! Those who have ears, may you hear!