I compost, You compost, We compost

=> drastically reducing the weight of my trash bin

=> creating humus to boost fruit and vegetable growth



Have you ever heard this saying: “The best waste it the waste we don’t create”? I told myself, what if the second best waste was the one we could compost?


I’m sure you’ve all heard something about compost. Even city-dwellers have. The idea is to let Nature do her work in transforming organic waste into humus (natural steroids for plants) instead of just throwing it all out with the trash.


The problem when dealing with this topic is that we are far from being equal. A house with a garden or an apartment. A brown trash bin or no waste sorting at all. Hard to say for sure, but what is true is that from our roughly 400 kg of waste per year per person (according to ADEME) around 1/3rd is organic waste! That’s a heck of a lot of waste…


Me, a typical city-dweller, with no garden nor even a single flower pot, I really couldn’t imagine buying a vermi-compost unit to set it up in my apartment. But – am I ever the lucky one – at my workplace (at Grands Voisins) there is a huge composting unit. So, with a Tupperware tucked under my sink, I can set aside peels from fruits and vegetables (but not food scraps nor rotten veggies because I try to avoid that at all costs) and I empty it from time to time in the big vats that are at my workplace.


There you have it, less trash in my bin and more seriously, my waste actually takes on value as it helps grow new things! If that’s not a double shot, I don’t know what to call it.