I compute my carbon footprint

=> measuring my environmental impact

=> identifying my major sources of pollution

=> finding ways to change my habits



Changing the world, sure, but it’s good to learn where we’re at so that we can understand where to go. As care for the environment goes, it’s even more true that you must know your own practices and their impact before making decisions.


Turning the light off before leaving a room. Closing the faucet while brushing teeth. Everyone has heard these straightforward guidelines. But is that all? Will that really reduce my impact on the environment? Is there nothing else that can be done? What about our transportation? And heating? And food?


So I came around to thinking that before “healing” my daily routines, I had to go for an “environmental check-up” and found a great website (managed by the Nicolas Hulot Foundation) which is a bit oldish but which really lets you dig into the details of your daily habits and their impact, and also offer ways to make a change for the better. And a Sunday afternoon is the perfect time for this type of thing!


Warning: this isn’t a good thing to start if you are in a hurry, because there are loads of questions on 4 main topics: home, transpo, food and appliances. It’ll take around 45 minutes to fill in the questionnaire correctly and to work out your action plan to reach the Factor 4 target (that is, to divide greenhouse gas emissions by 4 from now to 2050). But in the end, I found the effort well worth it. First, I saw which parts of my lifestyle accounted for the largest portion of my environmental impact, and secondly I saw there was a lot of potential to make things better.


I think I’ll do the exercise again in a few months to measure my progress, and until then, feel free to share your results so that we can work on this together.