I connect to positive news networks

=> realizing, day after day, that the world is beautiful

=> spreading good vibes

=> positive projects inspire me



OK, yesterday when I recommended turning the TV off, it didn’t mean going on a news strike. Quite the opposite actually. How lucky you are to now go fishing for your own news sources, asking yourself what it is that you really find interesting.


More than what interests us, there is something very fundamental in this self-analysis, and that is to find out what keeps your ticker ticking and makes you want to get up and do something. So here is an amazing piece of news: a news brief need not be sad to the point of making the end of times seem appealing! An important piece of news need not be solemn and sad.


For a while already I’ve treated myself to a 5-minute world daily positive news break, on the french PositivR website, dedicated to revealing news about on-going events, artistic shows, or day-to-day happenings in ordinary life. It makes me so happy to see people smile, to see people try and try again, and to see people living their dreams.


You’ll see that after a few days, you’ll be looking for that positive jolt to brighten your day. And conversely, when you’ll per chance eye a more conventional news report, it’ll come across you like a slap in the face. I have to admit it: I can’t stand regular news anymore. Everything is too biased, too depressing, and wanting to stay up-to-date on the state of the world shouldn’t mean being afraid of my neighbor. So let me ask you a question: what if sharing joy became a citizen’s response?