I donate time to charity

→ I meet new people

→ I’m useful to society

→ I focus on someone other than myself



Not so easy in our time-strapped lives to take time for someone else. Money? Doubters will say we’re never really sure how it will be used… Objects? Pessimists will say we never really know who will use it in the end… Your own time?


Hey, maybe that’s a good idea! For me, there are several great points in volunteering. For a while now I’ve been wanting to get to know other local charities that also work in the Grands Voisins neighborhood. And I also wanted to break the usual work rhythm. Finally, I wanted to challenge the way I was using my time as weeks went by.


Indeed, apart from work, friends, and “It all starts with me”, I have to admit that I don’t have that many activities that let me experience something new while meeting new persons. Moreover, as I’ve mentioned in another post, I’m convinced that getting out of one’s comfort zone is the best thing that can happen.


Feeling useful feels good. Helping others, letting that generous altruistic energy run wild is an excellent way to see life from a positive point of view and even regenerate your energy. Of course, I had to act to set my deeds in line with my ideals.


I’m very lucky because Florence, my most dear, actually works for “Benenova”, a charity that aims to make volunteer work easy to jump into by connecting volunteers with famous charities to work on great projects. Flexibility guaranteed, and no commitment asked for!


So here I go, and in a few clics I’m signed up for a half-day service with “L’un est l’autre”, a charity that donates 1200 meals a week to the most vulnerable. It’s a total success because these 4 meager hours will have let me meet incredible people, all different, to do something new for myself (have you ever cooked 1200 eggs?) and to discover another charity that is part of Grands Voisins.


From now on, I’ll try to do a mission like this one every month, to keep up with my plans. Also, more and more businesses recognize the benefits of this kind of action and let their employees get involved in such missions in charities – on their working time. Nice to show that being useful not only makes us happier, but also makes us more productive in our work and in our lives.