I eat seasonal food

=> tuning in to nature’s rhythm

=> eating fresh and healthy products

=> rediscovering forgotten fruits and vegetables



Eating seasonal is more and more fashionable, and this has a good impact on our planet. Why? Put simply, if we eat seasonal, our planet’s cycles are respected, and we’re the ones careful to tune in to its rhythm. Also, we save on the thousands of gallons of chemical products to grow things out of sync and the millions of gallons of oil to move these fruits and vegetables around all year long.


I admit having been a bit worried at the beginning. I didn’t know what to do with turnips except put them in the soup. But, one step at a time, we can learn to rediscover the cooking that we actually are familiar with because those were the meals our grandmothers used to bake for us when we would visit on Sundays. Here’s to chard with melted cheese and mashed Jerusalem artichoke!


And it tastes really good!!! Eating seasonal also makes that delicious tomato-mozzarella salad an awaited moment once summer rolls in. Much anticipated joy in our plates! A good way to start along this path is a second-hand cookbook on seasonal recipes at your local bookshop. Cuisine et Vins has a great one. It’s also great to hang a season’s fruits and veggies calendar on your fridge for when you go to the market.


And off we go to new tasteful culinary adventures, which incidentally will soften the load on your wallet – if it’s seasonal, it means it’s not so hard and expensive to grow! More than anything, the planet will thank you for letting it work at its own pace instead of forcing it to produce bland tomatoes year-round.