I empty the trash in my email account

=> I reduce electricity use

=> I put order in my documents

=> I get into good working habits

All right, let’s change the world! But which world? A world with increasing connectivity where technology continuously expands its reach in our lives.


So just as we need to get moving in the “real” world, we’re going to have to question and grab ownership of our virtual world as well. Having our data in the “cloud” doesn’t mean they aren’t with measurable impact on our own environment.


In this respect, our email accounts are showcase examples of the negative impact our technological life can have on our planet, to which we might be completely oblivious. No need to stick our head in the sand if the question is asked, we all know servers require huge amounts of power. But somehow, we fail to connect the dots between the full Inbox, the Archive cluttered with useless data, and bloated servers running uselessly wasting precious natural resources.


If everyone just emptied their Trash folder, millions of terabytes would be freed – with double the impact because data is often saved multiple times to cover for bugs and crashes – and so we’d save huge amounts of energy. This is another of those very small moves, which if replicated in every time and place will have an amazing impact to help our planet. On top of that, if we’re careful who we add in CC and prefer USB sticks instead of sending each other attachments, that takes the cake! Well, that’s what Carole says.


If you feel ready to move virtual mountains, you can also delete obsolete online photos and videos, which are multiplied in different accounts or saved on an external hard drive.