I join the “1 Piece of Rubbish” campaign

=> I help clean nature and public spaces

=> I reduce environmental contamination

=> I fulfill my positive duty as a citizen

Yet another social media miracle: people now find it cool to pick trash up off the street. It’s called the “1 Piece of Rubbish” campaign! As it says, the idea is to pick one piece of rubbish or trash up, take a selfie in the process, and post the picture on the social media.


On the one hand, I find it a bit unreal that it actually takes a whole lot of social media buzz on the topic to call attention to an act that should be innate to each of us. I was born in Grenoble, France, and hiking in the mountains is a common pastime. I happened fairly often that as I walked along the trail, I would pause to pick up stray pieces of trash to dump them in the garbage bin once back to civilization.  Similarly, when scuba-diving, I would often collect packaging and glass bottles during underwater escapades to dispose of them correctly once back under the sun.


So I get mixed feelings about actually having to post a picture of myself doing just that, picking up trash, to match the trend as it develops on the web: I’m a bit sad, but at the same time it’s encouraging. A bit sad because I guess it means some people just join in to boast a bit and polish their virtual rankings. But at the same time, it shows that people from very different backgrounds decide to take a stand and deal with the problem hands-on, and that’s heart-warming.


After all, it’s always inspiring to see so many people who really care, and this particular group has swollen by more than 10 000 persons in just a couple months. Imagine, it all started with one person posting to his Facebook profile pictures of himself picking up trash.


Well, that’s a great hope-giving story that shows that in the end, really, one single person can start a tidal wave of good deeds!