I pasted an ad-block on my postbox: the butterfly effect icon

=> 15 kg less paper your trash every year
=>reduce exposure to the hundreds of ads we are bombarded with every day


What’s important is often just the first step. I want to show that sometimes only a tiny effort is needed to get the cogs turning and that in the end, once you start asking stupid questions, sometimes the answers are quite enlightening.


My question today is: « Why do I have so many completely irrelevant ads weighing down my trash can every day?” What do I have to care about rebates on superior quality ham? Why would I buy a beautiful spring-green garden set when I don’t even have a balcony? More to the point, if I ever needed these things, wouldn’t I be able to find where to buy it on my own?


Ka-bam! Turns out, it’s a pretty good question after all! Even without asking for anything, we’re drowned in ads. Not like I didn’t see any in the Subway, or on the bus, or in magazines, no sir here’s a second serving of ads all about chocolate biscuits, when all I want is news from those who were on holiday while I was home working alone. ​


It doesn’t seem like much, but in the mail box, this adds up to 15 kg of paper, wasted every year. I’ll spare you the count of how many households there are in France because math is not quite my cup of tea, and all those zeros would make my stomach upset for sure…​


So, as the first challenge of the project, print a small ad-block sti​cker and paste it on your mailbox! You’ll see, after a while you’ll even be happy to find that municipal newsletter keeping company to your phone bill. Unless you’re on e-billing, but that’s a question for another rainy day…