I’m positive about everything when I talk around.

→ I share my joys and inspire my circles.

→ I bring attention to initiatives that inspire me.

→ I’m part of creating constructive and positive trends.

Getting things moving means knowing what you want, what can be done, and acting to change the deal. But what about all those who don’t really do anything, maybe the reason they’re stuck in their daily routine is because they simply don’t know that something different can be done, and even better, done by them?

But I realized that it isn’t always easy to be positive in our conversations with others. I don’t know why, but very often, some people are offended by such discussions, they take it personally, kind of like they hear: “I’m better than you are, you see”, when actually what I’m just trying to say is: “look at all the great things around us”. And so it’s kind of a shame, since we would like to share about that charity we find great, that awesome organic store that sells great produce that are tasty and good for health, too.

So what can I do about this, nothing? Not in the least! What if the secret was to say: “hey, you know, I’m not perfect, but I heard of this thing that piqued my interest and knowing you a bit, I think you would be interested”… Nothing judgmental about this, only the pure desire to learn more for ourselves and for others around us.

That’s exactly the reason I launched “It All Starts With Me”. It’s my way of saying: “I know nobody’s perfect – but that’s OK!” So nothing to panic about, there are many ways of getting involved, and as many first steps as there are people.

So go ahead, give persons around you a way to start unraveling the bundle of change. And I’m sure they’ll follow through one of these days. Talk about this thrift store that opened last month to your flea-market-loving uncle. Talk about the health benefits of Marseille soap to your sister who is always so elegantly attired. Talk about your new sustainable browser to your geeky cousin.

Getting things to change can start in many ways, but wanting to walk along this path is a decision that must arise from the heart of each one of us. So let’s use the many modern communication tools to spread the calls of those who have started something, who are at least trying. Share initiatives that inspire you. Spread the message; after all,  “In the worst case, it works!”