I pick biking

→ I renew my appreciation of distances

→ I reclaim my neighborhood

→ I reduce my carbon footprint

→ I exercise more every day


The weather now is still warm and nice, so I’m writing this article immediately because I’m not sure I’ll be able to keep it up in winter, what with the rain and cold and all! Seriously, I often wonder about how we move around these days! I don’t have a car, and so transportation is all the more crucial that clearly, everything was designed with cars as # 1 mode of transport.


I agree that cars are very convenient: they’re quick, you don’t get wet… but when you multiply each little trip by the number of persons indulging into that convenience, the total impact is considerable. And my point of view only considers a city, or a country, because if we were to consider whole continents, with developing countries where more and more people have access to these goods, this habit gets a bit worrying.


In the end, I realized that our using a car is more than just convenience, it is directly connected to the understanding we have of what time is and how we manage it. Everybody’s heard it – time is money! In our society, wasting time is unthinkable, be it even a single minute, so fetching bread with a bicycle is tantamount to heresy! 


But hey, biking isn’t just a convenient way of going around, it’s also a great source of entertainment, a boon in terms of getting to know your neighborhood, and perfect for exercising. All in all a great way to break through routine and even start saving a bit of money, because no gas is needed to get the wheels moving! Just looking up (well, north) to the scandanavian countries (often pioneers when it comes to a more humane and eco-friendly set-up of how society works), they’re actually building bicycle highways.


To sum it up, biking a couple miles here and a couple miles there, leaving the car behind in the garage, spares money, the planet, and shuffles more life into the daily routine. So climb onto that two-wheeler!