I quit fast food

=> reconnecting with the real taste of things

=> reducing single-use wrappers

=> stepping back from crazy agrobusiness practices I support local businesses



Nobody is perfect, and that is also what I wanted to show when I launched “It All Starts With Me”. Very often, when I ask questions, when I make suggestions, I realize that people around me sometimes feel attacked, and their first stance is to defend themselves by pointing out my own weaknesses.


And to be sure, I am very far from perfect, too! Does that mean though that we should stay put and not do anything, mired in our shortcomings? I say NO! I want to try, to fail, to try again without cease because I know that in many parts of my day-to-day life my behavior isn’t consistent and might even outright contradict everything I post on this website! And that’s a good thing after all, that is what makes us human.


So, yes, it’s true, I ate at a fast-food restaurant yesterday. You know, the one where you can come as you are! So I dropped in like any other guy who had just been talking, drinking a couple beers, got a craving for fries, gave in, and wham, was hit by a train! Really – it had been months since my last hamburger, but yesterday it hit me harder than at any previous occasion. Even in the Philippines, I would go there now and then to break the daily white rice routine, it wasn’t such a bad thing.


But there, just yesterday, it was really just so clear… fries were mushy, coke was fizzed out, and the burger was stale. After a few months in France, my taste buds had gotten used to a higher standard in terms of taste, and what I had in that fast-food was definitely not up to it anymore! After that, my conscience gnawed at me. Once the “meal” was finished, I felt so stupid facing that pile of wrapping. Here I was, fighting proudly every morning with my Marseilles Soap bar to avoid stray wrappers from ending up in my trash can, now am stuck with a plate full of them for just one meal. Mr Opposite, hello?


So, I’ve made my choice! I do not want to side with the mass agrofood industry that doesn’t care an inkling about quality and the living standards of those it employs. I don’t want a meal that results in hundreds of grams of wrappers and cartons in the garbage bin.


Change all starts with me and this is a new portion of my everyday life that I will change with no regrets! Bye-bye Ronald.