I re-evaluate my connection to time

→ I review my daily goals.

→ I spend time with those around me.

→ I rethink the way our society works.



I’d like to share with you today about a documentary that got me thinking. “The urgent need to slow down”. Over an hour and a half, the author tries to share how much our connection to time in our consumer society is out of control, and that the continuous speeding up doesn’t let us live our lives to the fullest.


News zaps around at light speed, reporters aren’t able to prepare their findings well, airplanes let us discover in a few days cultures that need months to even get to know, social networks let us connect to hundreds of persons in a couple clicks, banks let us wire money around in the blink of an eye…


But is it really all for the better? What is the consequence of all this on Mankind, on society, on the planet?


Of course, there are good sides of all this and I’m sure that like most human inventions, there is always a way to put these changes to good use. So try to take the time to watch this documentary that impacted me pretty deeply, because if we want to change the world, we’ve got to understand it first.