I save on toilet water

=> one liter of water saved at every flush

=> I reduce water use and save money

This “Buy Local” topic will come time and time again over the year! We see many initiatives around us supporting this trend: Sometimes, minimizing my impact on this beautiful planet also means minimizing out-of-pocket expenses. Today’s trick does just that, it’s the kind of detail that really makes a big impact on the long run.


Today, you’re invited to recover an old plastic bottle (1 liter or more depending on the size of your toilet tank), fill it up with water, and open the toilet tank cover to slide it in (lifting the lid carefully). Ta-daa, you’re done! Starting now, every time you flush the toilet – which need not be so often, by the way – you’ll save at least 1 liter of water.


For those with a high-tech dual flush system installed at home, also try to use the “half-flush” push button: in many cases there still is enough water to get the job done properly. With 1 liter of water saved at every flush, knowing that most persons average at least 5 visits to the loo a day, that’s already 1 500 liters of water saved in a whole year. If we multiply that by the number of toilets set up all over the planet, one might feel that toilet designers should all go to jail for such organized gang wastage (or maybe the guys had serious gastric problems when they were testing for the amount of necessary water) but I may be initiating a debate that might turn foul…​