I subscribe to positive news magazines

→ I look up to people who are changing the world at their scale

→ I support independent media

→ I connect to “good vibrations”



I have to confess something: “I’m not the first person who ever wanted to change the world”. I know, it comes as a shock, but I had to be honest with you.


Of course I knew I wasn’t, I’m just pulling your leg. What you must have felt, though, is that more and more people care for the planet and other living beings. We can see them on the television, on the internet, and also in magazines!


It’s when I came back from the Philippines that I realized this. Today, there are so many sources of information that demonstrate that change is happening, and propagating all around us. What a joy, and what can be better than to “feed” on news about people who move things, who create, who imagine, at their own scale, about a fairer society, more human and respectful of the environment.


The best in this story is that there is always something that matches your taste. “Kaizen” is definitely the reference in terms of all-purpose positive magazine, but there are many others. For example, there is “Debout [Stand up]”, a free magazine for those who are trying to lift themselves up, and also “QOA” for those who want to instill meaning to their traveling. Or then again “Up”, for changemaking entrepreneurs! Even major magazines like “L’express” (with the “L’express Réussir” #38) and others on the market are starting, with special editions.


So up to you to subscribe to those that are the most interesting to you. For me, this is an excellent indicator that tracks the trends in how minds are changing, to catch up on interesting events, or to discover tips and projects that pull me forward on the path of change.


What more could one wish for?