I suspend hidden tabs

→ I increase my browser’s speed

→ I reduce my computer’s power use

→ I reduce web server loads



Today, straight to the point. I try something simple, direct, and efficient.


So many people surf the net these days, that every year more and more resources are being consumed just because of the web! Here we are, smoothly surfing along, and hey that’s a nice link, that’s a funny picture, there’s a beautiful video, a cheap airplane ticket… and voilà, 12 open tabs, each reloading every few seconds.


The world’s Internet servers run constantly and your computer uses more random access memory – all in all, more power consumption. There you go, yet another example of colossal wastage of our planet’s resources just to have it all, right away, even unwittingly so!


Don’t panic, I’ve got a solution. It’s called “The Great Suspender” and thanks to an extension installs to your browser. It puts inactive tabs to sleep after a short while. Navigation is more fluid because less memory is needed to update all pages at once, and you use less electrical power (both your computer and the web’s servers).


In a few seconds this is wrapped up, and if everyone followed this good habit, it would mean great savings for the planet. So what are we waiting for?