I switch to alum stone crystal deodorant

→ I use natural products on my body

→ I reduce my carbon footprint by reducing my trash



When you walk the path of changing the world, there comes a time when obstacles arise, and they’re not what you expect them to be.


I say that because Colin Beaven, in his book “No impact man”, was saying that in his quest to reduce his carbon footprint to zero he just couldn’t do away with balsamic vinegar.


My own kryptonite is deodorant. I don’t wear perfume and I’m not particularly dandy, but I just adore the fresh sensation that a spray deodorant can give me. 


I had tried a more natural solution to reduce the amount of wrappings and containers thrown away, but hadn’t held out very long. 


The topic came back on the table when I was in the Philippines, and a volunteer there (wink, wink Galou) was making her own deodorant with baking soda, coconut oil and essential oils, but it is too cold in France for such a paste to have the right thickness.


So after going back and forth like this, I decided to follow through on my ideals and so started to use alum crystal again. What’s good about it is that it’s natural, has no fragrance and lasts a long time, so there’s less to throw away.


Another daily move that would really have a massive impact if it became the norm. I hope it will become so, for me!