I switch to Marseilles Soap

=> a natural soap made from organic products

=> a way to promote and preserve traditional know-how

=> no more packaging, no more chemical products

Wanting a healthier world that is also more fair doesn’t mean that we should pay more for everything we do and need. Marseilles Soap is a great example to illustrate this.


In a way, we have lost touch with simple, straightforward, natural things. Every morning, we use shower gel stuffed with chemical products in containers that often weigh more than the content inside it. And having the word “Marseilles” appear on the label doesn’t mean it’s from Marseilles. But in the end, nothing matches that good old natural Marseilles Soap. Virtually no packaging, no additives, and an unbeatable price/usage ratio. There you have it, a great way to regain control over your consumables (and care for your skin, too) straight from the break of dawn, right in the shower (which according to Prince Charles should be wrapped up in less than 5 minutes).


What you paid for that soap goes straight to the pocket of entrepreneurs who both try to live the organic life in what they do and carry on traditional techniques that have built the reputation of France across the world. Moreover, you’ll have spared your trash bin several kilograms of packaging and empty containers over the course of the year. What more could one wish for? On top of that, Marseilles Soap smells really nice and will leave the bathroom smelling fresh and clean.