I tune in to the presidential elections

→ I understand the campaign’s hot topics

→ I read each candidate’s project proposals

→ I compare each candidate’s position on major societal topics



Yes, it has started. The Right’s preliminary elections have launched the presidential race, culminating with next May’s swearing in of the French President of the Republic.


It’s all up to us! We, the people. We are the ones who have the power to elect the person who seems to match the position best. So for all of those who complain about our recent representatives, it is time to roll up your sleeves and see what can be done to change the game.


The problem with all this is that it’s difficult to grasp what each candidate really offers on the whole range of topics in a concrete manner. Candidates often like to play with our basic instincts instead of our intellect. Indeed, whatever our Gallic ancestry, I have trouble understanding who thinks what on major topics (education, solidarity, health, culture, etc…)


In digging through this a bit, I was lucky to discover fascinating initiatives that hope to lead us out of the vicious circle of conventional television debates and our dear medias’ biased summary reports. One of these ideas comes from Voxe.org, which helps to get an understanding in just a few minutes of what is said, and especially makes it easy to compare  candidate’s programs based on topics which we ourselves find important.


Is it not said: “Forewarned is forearmed”, let us take the time to calmly prepare this important election, and take an outside view on the political circus that will be aired to us over the next few months, to really understand what is promised and how our vote can have an impact!