I unsuscribe from mailing lists

=> reducing the number of useless emails sent

=> focusing on important news

=> reducing my carbon footprint

What can be more frustrating than all those unrequested newsletters that we receive in our inbox? Sometimes it’s advertisement that weaseled its way out of the spam folder, or information we signed up for decades ago, now ignored but still clogging up our inbox. I even know people who created an email address specifically to store all these emails that come pollute us daily.

On top of this, sending these newsletters by the thousands has an impact on our environment that we cannot disregard. Yup! An email has a digital size and pollutes, especially when laden with photos and attached files. It is time consuming to erase them, and sometimes we get mixed up and zap important emails along with the junk. So in the end, why keep them coming?

But hey, how comes we don’t cancel these newsletters?  Probably because it feels like it’ll take a long time, be complicated, and sometimes we’ll need to submit the request two or three times to reach our goals. So it seems that the easy way out is to just not change things, much like a buzzing fly is not worth the effort of swatting it.

So do we stay at that? Of course not, because I’ve found the magic digital ointment that heals all cures instantly! It’s pretty easy actually, just sign up on the website unroll.me and let it do its job. As you give it access to your inbox, the software will automatically locate all those newsletters you’re receiving and will ask you if you wish to keep them or delete them forever. There you go, your email inbox is freed from all that advertising! Let’s hope it stays that way now, or then just run through that step again from time to time.