Introducing the “It all starts with me” project

It’s been said and heard a thousand times: “at our level, nothing can be done anyway, all the money and power is with the government and global companies, and they won’t listen to us.” Well, this “It All Starts With Me” project (

Ça Commence Par Moi in French, CCPM) makes a statement against that claim. Granted, governments and global companies can and do influence us, changing our lives considerably with their policies and strategies. But the real change happens when each of us, day after day, decides to make decisions which really get things going!

CCPM hopes to put the right tools in the hands of every citizen to change the world at our own scale. Every day for a whole year, we’ll share a tip over the internet, like this blog and Facebook. Deeds small or great, costing a couple grand or coming out free, two-minute jobs or month-long endeavors, that’s 365 decisions to take and make guaranteed to have an uplifting impact on our planet and on the people around us!

Julien Vidal, this blog’s founder, has tested every single proposal, one day at a time. This is the best proof that the power is in our hands, here and now.

CCPM is a unique project, there to demonstrate that every individual can have an incredible impact on society, provided the tools to do so are available. The 365 days of this project will prove that the age-old saying, “the future is in your hands” rings as true as ever today.

Inspired by such figures as Colin Beavan – author of “No Impact Man” or Cyrielle Hariel who showcases changemakers on air and online, CCPM shows that only one person is needed to move mountains.​

Even though each tip we give here is a personal choice, the overreaching ambition is to federate a group of persons sharing in the same great dream, working to make the world a better place! No time, money, or education? No problem! If there is a will, there is a way, and we can all pitch in and share the little we’ve learned, be they passions, talents, or new uplifting tips!

Together, let each of us wrestle our lives back, own up to our choices, and decide that today, a dream becomes true.​