One month already

→ Already 30 ways for people to change things at their own scale

→ A pretty good drive with almost 700 fans on facebook

One month already! Time flies, and I remember the day that I felt that starting on this adventure was a crazy idea.

In the end, one day at a time, I settled into the flow, even if I have to admit that it isn’t so easy. There are all the ideas that need organizing (I’ve been accumulating notes for over a year, I must already have over 200…), articles that need writing, photos that need taking, the website that needs designing… I give at least an hour a day to this project, and easily 4 or 5 more on week-ends.

Well, Florence, my girlfriend, doesn’t yet give me the cold shoulder, so I guess life is still balanced enough for now! These days, I try to get things done in the morning, about an hour before leaving off to work, just to get the day started (even though it often happens that I post the day’s article late in the evening, lickety-split).

Moreover, I didn’t want to get the word out too much, just for me to get used to it and to offer great quality content, but I must admit that for now, the public at large is responding extremely well. Over 700 fans on Facebook, more than 150 persons signed-up for the newsletter, an article in the press (Mashable) and sharing on the Up Campus network. All that in just under a month. I also got dozens of encouraging emails, too. I’m really overjoyed that “It All Starts With Me” pleases so many people and this shows me how much this project fits the deep trend in searching for purpose and becoming a changemaker in today’s society.

For October, my goal is to give a bit more depth to my articles, and to launch a couple more ambitious goals, longer or more delicate actions to set up or altogether even more radical than there have been to this point (curious?). I’ll also try to spread the word so that it may appeal to those who are in the same line of thinking but who lack information on the topic.

I’m counting on you to share “It all starts with me” around and you can start by signing up for my “Thunderclap” campaign that aims to turn the spotlights on this project on October 8th, on all social networks of people who will join the flow!